Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Government Horizons can also make use of cookies so as to provide you the best online experience with this site. Cookies are small files that are transferred to the hard drive of your computer when you visit the website. These cookies provide some information to our system that is helpful for recognizing your browser.

The sole purpose of sending cookies to your system is to inform the web server that you have visited our site for the first time or you have come to a specific page of our site again. Cookies are helpful for enabling us to recall the specific information of our visitors on the first or subsequent visits. 

The visitors have the authority to either decline or accept cookies as they can adjust the cookie settings in the browser. However, if you will not accept cookies sent by our site then you will not be able to fully experience features of this site.

Cookies are actually used in combination with web beacon so as to understand the preferences of visitors regarding the content and pages of the website. Web beacon is basically a transparent image file is helpful for monitoring the journey of visitors around a specific site or even around different websites. Web beacons are also named as web bugs. 

We also use third party advertising companies to provide ads on our site. These third party companies can use cookies in their ads so as to know how many times the visitors have clicked on their ads. You should not get worried because the personal information that we collect from you is not shared third party for cookies or even web beacon use. Because of this reason, they cannot identify the visitors at personal level from our website. 

There are some third party advertisements that may be provided by search engines for example Google. Such advertisements use DART cookies for the sake of serving serve ads.  The purpose of this type of cookie is to allow Google to serve ads to the users according to their visits to different sites on the web. It is the choice of the visitors whether to allow DART cookies or to opt out of these cookies. You should visit Google ad and content network privacy policy in this regard and you will get your information about the rules for DART cookies. 

Every browser provides the settings regarding cookies. When you will check the settings of your browser, you will definitely find search settings over there. All the presidents have the right whether to accept or decline cookies. In the setting of the browser, there is an option to accept or reject cookies automatically. You can even tick mark the option of notify you when a cookie is being requested. In this way, you will get a notification when a cookie will be requested on your system. Then you can easily accept it or decline it. However, if you are not going to accept cookies then you are going to miss some important features of this website. Besides that, there is some privacy software that is effective for overriding web beacons. You can choose these actions because it will not cause any problem with our site and you will still be having a great experience with Government Horizons. 

We ensure you that the cookies that we wil be sending on your system are for improving the efficiency of our site and for improving our services. These cookies do not contain any sort of illegal content or material and are not going to give any harm to your system.